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“Her pitch and sense of time are flawless.”

"Thomas is a Storyteller. Her interpretations cut to the heart of the lyric."


Marilyn Lester NYCJazzRecord

Nic Jones, Jazz Journal UK

"She brings an interpretive depth
to everything."

Michael Nastos, HotHouse

She is immediately captivating in both style and natural beauty,

as unforgettable as she is talented, unique unto herself.

George Harris, JAZZ Weekly

 Her strong, confident and bold voice, mixed with strong dynamics, works well on a playful “Love For Sale” with pianist Helio Alves.

“This singer takes risks that other singers wouldn't dare try” Bebop Spoken Here.

"What I love is the passion of Lizzie’s delivery."  George Harris, Jazz Weekly 

Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

Thomas has a voice and style that lies easily on the listener’s ears.

RMR JoeRoss

Her jazz voice is both poignant and heart-tugging

"Sensual, caressing, and soothing, Lizzie Thomas's voice elevates the soul and applies a balm on a beating heart." Jazz2Love

"Thomas delivers fantastic renditions of timeless compositions" The Jazz Page 

Ron Weinstock, In a Blue Mood

one suspects she would be as enthralling on a musical stage.

Rob Lester, Talkin' Broadway

Fasten your seatbelts!

Scott Yanow NYC Jazz Record

Thomas has a strong and attractive voice, somehow sounds relaxed at rapid tempos (“One Note Samba” is really blazing), and scats with spirit when it's appropriate.

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