Lizzie talks about her experiences and what was happening behind the scenes with each of her albums


“This singer takes risks that other singers wouldn't dare try, and she brings it off” Bebop Spoken Here, Ann Alex.

This quote is indicative of the New Sounds From the Jazz Age.  Throughout my time in NYC I was in fashion retail management with Saks Fifth Avenue and LVMH.  The opportunity to walk away from this career and focus all my energies on music was presented and I seized it! The New Sound is the result of this shift in my entire being.   I wanted to  throw myself in, be daring and really challenge everything that I had learned thus far as a vocalist, musician and band leader. Working with Colianni was a lot of fun. The arrangements are complex with key changes, rhythm changes and even different song excerpts are added to these timeless classics.  My strength and stamina are in top form on this album and I'm very proud of it. 

Did you know that we recorded this entire album in a live setting? We were all in the same room together.  Hear more about it on my youtube page.  I speak about the recording process. Watch below:


 I love this album.  Recording at Systems Two with Max Ross was an incredible experience. It gave everyone the ability to stretch out and enjoy the process of making music together; yet, the partnership with Xavier Davis is what really made this album come to life.  He wrote these complex yet simple sounding arrangements for the 9 piece band and brought the songs to life. It was a time for me to expand my vocal prowess and engage in all aspects of the album creation.  Even the album art illustrates my dive into the fashion world of NYC and the entertainment aspect of performing that I love so much.  Everyone of these song selections have remained in my live set and are truly some of my favorite songs to sing. Working with a horn section was new for me and I love hearing that brass.  Whenever I hear a tune from this album, I smile and think, Damn- that’s good jazz!



I like to get a lot done. So, when we recorded Easy To Love I had hopes(but also planned) to record a holiday album.  Well, indeed we had time to record and what a blast.  So you’ll hear that the  band is consistent with albums Easy to Love and Santa Baby.  Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas is my favorite on the album and my favorite Christmas song.   Paired with the whimsical nature of Santa Baby I think this album is a great addition to your collection.  


Extra tidbit- The album stayed in the can for almost 2 years before I revisited it, and released it!


When I first moved to NYC circa 2007 I knew no-one. One evening in Soho, I followed the sound of jazz and walked into Arturos.  The musicians were killin’ and there was a relaxed atmosphere to hang out, eat pizza and meet people.  I began “sitting in” at Arturos on Houston st. and had a wonderful time because so many great artists would swing by late night and sit in with the house band.  Every musician on More Than You Know is a cat I met and sang with at Arturos. This is also when I first met Russel Malone, yet  wouldn’t work with him until over a decade later.   

I was so green on this album, but I was determined to work more deeply and record with the great musicians I was meeting. It was a lot of fun recording this album- my band consisted of Michael Kanan on piano, Pat O’Leary on bass, Frank Levatino on drums and Atilio Troiano on clarinet who happened to be visiting NYC at the time. My band is swinging with the tastiest of melodies from Michael. My song choices are heavily influenced by Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday.